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Solcom/Whzan awarded place on NHSx Spark Dynamic Purchasing System

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

We’re delighted that Solcom, developers of Whzan Digital Health software systems, have been selected for a place on the Spark Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS), run by Crown Commercial Service (CSS). This will allow buyers and commissioners from NHS England, CCGs, Primary Care Networks, NHS Trusts, NHS Special Health Authorities and Local Authorities to access Whzan products and services quickly and easily.

Spark, otherwise known as the “Technology Innovation Marketplace” helps government and public sector organisations access new and emerging technology products. One element of Spark DPS is aimed at ensuring citizens receive the best possible care and treatment, outside of traditional clinical settings. They do this by bringing together the best in remote monitoring and digital health technologies and services – streamlining the buying process.

The Spark marketplace uses a filter system to make it easier for customers to find relevant suppliers. This has been developed with customer input to make it more fit for purpose. It also focuses on emerging technologies predicted to have the biggest impact over the next two-five years.

At Whzan, our utmost priority is ensuring that NHS, Local Authorities and care home staff are equipped to deliver the highest level of care possible. We’re obviously therefore extremely pleased to be able to widen our reach and make our technology more readily available to those who need it.

Our Blue Box, all in one home and care home monitoring system collects vital signs and automatically calculates a NEWS2 score This empowers carers in identifying early warning signals of deterioration, currently supporting over 50,000 vulnerable people across the UK.

Helping vulnerable people at home, we have developed our Guardian home monitoring platform. This uses Internet of Things software, instruments and remote monitoring facilities, alerting loved ones and carers to behaviour change patterns. Guardian keeps a watchful and discreet eye on homes, enabling speedy and cost-effective support.

The development of these facilities has led us to build bespoke software platforms for the NHS and Local Authorities. These can be used for multiple applications in addition to health and social care.

Buying through the Spark DPS is incredibly easy. You simply need to register as a buyer here, accept the customer access agreement and then set about creating your tender process. You can find full details on how to buy here.

Keith Chessell, CEO of Solcom & Whzan commented - “We’re delighted to be appointed as a supplier on Spark’s emerging technology purchasing system. This will open doors for us to support more health and social care-related organisations in accessing much-needed technology. We're committed to providing the most effective monitoring applications service for people across the country. In addition, we can coordinate multiple software operating systems to create a seamless multifunctional facility, delivering improved services at lower cost.”


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