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At Whzan, our journey is fuelled by a commitment to redefine the future of healthcare, making it accessible to all, interconnected, and focused on individual well-being.


In a constantly changing landscape, where the NHS and social care become more connected, we aim to provide a bridge between the two. One system spanning all sectors, automating data flows, monitoring vital signs and deterioration wherever the patient may be.

We bring our innovative touch to every sector, proving that nothing is impossible.

NHS Healthcare


Whzan's Virtual Wards powered by our Blue Box, help keep patients at home by allowing clinicians to remotely monitor activity and vital signs, with an automated NEWS2. This empowers the NHS to deliver immediate and effective care.

Care Homes


Whzan technology has been used in thousands of care homes since 2011, identifying early signs of deterioration and illness. Our automated NEWS2 assessment empowers carers to validate their concerns when needing support from the NHS.

Social Care


Whzan offers a bridge between health & social care - monitoring vulnerable people in the place they call home. We've developed AI to reduce demand on community services, sharing the burden with loved ones and relieving stress on emergency services.

Domiciliary Care


Domiciliary care professionals are on the front lines of delivering care in individuals' homes. Whzan's technology empowers these professionals with tools for remote monitoring and support.

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