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Virtual Ward

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Supporting you in monitoring your patients from the place they call home.

Whether you are looking to support people with frailty, heart failure or acute respiratory infections, our virtual ward solutions are designed to be adaptable to any situation or need. Interoperable with EMIS, SystmOne and others we transfer your data to those that need to see it for speedy assessment and intervention.


Whzan have put together a toolkit to help you set up your virtual ward with the minimum of hassle. With solutions for all scenarios, equipment for immediate dispatch and NHS experts to help your implementation, we're here to support you. 

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The Whzan Blue Box is our all-in-one telehealth case. It measures vital signs, records photos, performs multiple assessments and questionnaires including NEWS2.  Signs of deterioration or illness are identified earlier, for a clinical response or carer support. 


The Guardian Kit is our home monitoring system used to track movement, detect and identify changes in behaviour that highlight increased risk.  Guardian uses multiple, low-cost, easy-to-install, sensors that monitor almost anything in the home. This includes appliances, windows, doors, fire & smoke risk. The sensors record behaviour patterns with changes detected and advised to loved ones and social care support organisations. 

whzan WHZAPP

WhzApp is a brand-new way to connect clinicians and carers with patients, monitor conditions remotely and deliver key information and care advice - all in one easy-to-use app. WhzApp is an information hub, self-assessment and communication tool, vital signs log and more. It allows clinicians to stay updated with patient's vital signs and ensure they’re following care plans, ideal for virtual wards – without unnecessary GP or hospital visits. 

Whzan systems are trusted by...
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Monitoring over 70,000 people daily in the UK.
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You can buy our systems on...

Solcom Ltd, developers of Whzan Digital Health software are on the Spark Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS), run by Crown Commercial Service (CCS).


This allows buyers and commissioners from NHS England, CCGs, Primary Care Networks, NHS Trusts, NHS Special Health Authorities and Local Authorities to access Whzan products and services quickly and easily

Buying through the Spark DPS is incredibly easy. You simply need to register as a buyer here, accept the customer access agreement and then set about creating your tender process. You can find full details on how to buy here.

Remember to search for Solcom Ltd, our parent company in order to buy Whzan products through this system. 

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Solcom Ltd, developers of Whzan Digital Health software are also on the NHS Shared Business Services framework. The framework agreement is titled Technology Enabled Care Services 2 - SBS 10144


Once again this framework allows buyers from the NHS to access Whzan products and services easily either through direct award or mini-competition. 

Any interested parties can email NSBS direct to register and full details of the framework are listed here.

As before, please remember to search for Solcom Ltd, developers of Whzan, to buy our products through this framework.

Whzan provides health & activity monitoring standardised national tools - supporting care professionals and families in highlighting vulnerability with evidence-based data.
DIgital monitoring

Whzan's systems include automated early warning triggers, NEWS2, health and activity pattern recognition, simple user interface - continually enhanced, developed and updated by own team. 


Whzan data is interoperable with multiple patient care record systems. Stored on UK based Microsoft Azure Cloud servers. 

Easy to use

The monitoring process is simple and allows for carers and patients to collect health information and detect signs of change. This empowers the patient to feel reassured and enjoy more involvement with their own health.

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