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Nurse taking patients blood oxygen level with pulseoximeter

Reduce bed days, manage patients remotely

Whzan for NHS Healthcare

From pre-admission to post-discharge, our proven virtual ward tech solutions are designed to support you in supporting others.


With NHS experts to help with implementation and integrations with Access Rio, EMIS, SystmOne and others, we help enable safe, speedy intervention and care to those who need it.

Supporting the NHS, supporting care professionals, supporting patients 
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Whzan's Virtual Wards, powered by the acclaimed Blue Box, enable remote monitoring and real-time data access, reducing hospital admissions by over 65%. Our solutions empower the NHS to deliver immediate and effective care, particularly in conditions like Respiratory, COPD, Heart Failure, Flu & Covid, Frailty, and OPAT. 

Immediate Impact on Patient Care


We prioritise interoperability, seamlessly integrating with key NHS EPRs such as Access Rio, EMIS, SystmOne, Adastra 111, PARIS, and NHS Digital National Record Locator (NRL). This effectively makes your EPR mobile - care and treatment can be effectively managed from a distance with patient data immediately accessible from your central hub

Integration for Efficient Operations


Whzan systems are easy to rent or buy directly through us or via many different frameworks.

The equipment is immediately dispatched to you from existing stock. We can deliver directly to your chosen locations, so patients can receive the Blue Box at home and remain under your care.

Easy to Buy and Install


We will train your team to use the equipment and if applicable, train your patient to give them more confidence in this new way of working. Within our team we have highly experienced NHS support clinicians to help you at every stage, plus a wealth of online resource at your fingertips.

Training & Support


We believe that effective care should be available for all. The portability of solutions like our Blue Box means patients can be reached outside of normal care settings. Examples of this are using Whzan for Annual Physical Health Checks for those with SMI as well as community health checks for the homeless and those in shelters.

Portablity & Adaptability


A promise we make to those buying Whzan technology is, if implemented and used properly, it will make a tangible, measurable and significant difference. It’s specifically designed to enhance patient and resident assessments, enable confident decision-making and deliver significant savings in time, resources and money.

Significant Savings


How it works


Watch NHS Isle of Wight Respiratory Virtual Ward using Whzan to help patients

A toolkit for monitoring all conditions

When we first started in 2011, the primary use of Whzan was to monitor conditions like heart failure and COPD.

Fast forward to today and whatever you need to monitor or measure on your virtual ward, you'll find it in Whzan. Simply choose the generic toolkit from the menu on the Whzan dashboard and monitor any condition. Our versatility means any special instruments can be ordered directly from us.


Our NHS partners are now using Whzan for obesity, continence, oncology, and APHC for SMI amongst many other conditions.

What ever it is you want to measure, we've got you covered


reduction in bed admissions


reduction in A&E attendance


reduction in Emergency admissions

Patient on a video call with GP

Care Homes

Social Care

Domiciliary Care

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