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Whzan App

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The Whzan App is an information hub, self-assessment and communication tool, vital signs log and more. It allows clinicians to stay updated on their patient's vital signs and ensure they’re following care plans – without unnecessary GP or hospital visits.

Streamline communication

As you move your patients along the care pathway, there are times that care professionals need to monitor and give care advice remotely to aid people in getting better.

All-in-one App for your patients

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Whzan App


Discover how Whzan App helps care professionals connect with patients and streamline everyday operations

Seamless Customisation

The Whzan App offers a revolutionary simple approach to patient care, allowing direct communication via simple configuration on the Whzan dashboard. Very user-friendly, the app allows healthcare professionals to tailor patient packages without the need for coding or technical expertise.


Assessments and questionnaires for multiple conditions are pre-loaded and simply need to be selected for the relevant patient groups. Accessibility is key and a simple user interface allows patients to easily access their tailored care packages. 

Whzan App: elevating patient care through seamless customisation and accessibility

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Key features

Streamline the customisation process without the need for coding or technical expertise, ensuring accessibility for healthcare professionals.

No Coding Required


Easy for patients to navigate, promoting a positive user experience and encouraging active engagement with their healthcare journey.

User-Friendly Interface


Patients can access their tailored packages through email or SMS links, QR code scanning while on the move, or manual addition by healthcare providers.

Multiple Access Options


Provides real-time monitoring capabilities, allowing healthcare professionals to stay informed about their patients' progress and well-being.

Real-Time Monitoring


Enables healthcare providers to communicate with patients effectively through the app, promoting timely updates and information sharing.

Efficient Communication


Blue Box

Guardian Kit


Virtual Wards

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