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Guardian Activity Monitoring

A home monitoring device

Discreet home activity monitoring

Guardian is a collection of discreet wireless sensors placed throughout the home – using AI to monitor behaviour and the environment according to need. It detects movement, open windows and doors, electronic devices such as kettles and fridge doors, temperature, damp and cold and much more, checking activity, nourishment, hydration and medication.

Care network app

All monitoring data feeds into a centralised app, keeping family, close friends and care professionals updated on changing circumstances and delivering a wider care network. This relieves the burden from the council alone in the event of an alert/change of behaviour.

A home monitoring sensor

Guardian monitoring


Developed with Sunderland City Council, SHEILA supports people at home in need of care and assistance. 

Configure it Your Way

Unlike other rigid monitoring systems, Guardian is configured to match any need.


The most common arrangement is a hub (Wi-Fi or 4G) with a mix of 2-3 sensors for movement, door and a smart plug to check if a kettle is used or fridge opened. More can be added for changing circumstances. In addition, environmental sensors are available to detect cold and damp, helping to reduce risk of illness.

Guardian is already integrated with with ARC cloud-based software developers Skyresponse and UMO enabling you to make substantial savings in human resources and the elimination for power consuming In house servers.

Effortless home monitoring for peace of mind

Smartphone showing the Whzan Guardian app

What's in Guardian

The central component that facilitates seamless connectivity and communication between all sensors using Wifi or GSM. New LoRaWAN enabled sensors remove the need for home internet infrastructure reducing cost and barriers to entry.

Guardian Hub


All monitoring data feeds into an app sharing key information with loved ones and relieving the burden from the council alone in the event of an alert/change of behaviour.

Guardian App


Capturing motion within designated areas, openings and closings of things such as doors and windows, generating AI for detecting change.

Activity & Movement Sensors


Smart plugs on kitchen appliances monitor when and frequency of usage, especially important for people with dementia.

Hydration & Nutrition


Immediate alarms for falls plus detecting unusual behaviour and gathering data that reveals activity levels, sleep duration etc. We partner with Vayyar and Ally.

Falls Risk Prevention & Detection


Environmental sensors that record temperature, humidity, light and sound levels.

Cold & Damp


Guardian is integrated with with ARC cloud-based software developers Skyresponse and UMO  meaning quicker support, improved outcomes and lower costs.

Integrated & Interoperable 


The natural gas alarm detects gas leaks in the home and raises an alarm to request help and support.

Gas Sensors


Blue Box

Whzan App


Virtual Wards

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