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Integrated & Interoperable

*We're not normally ones to blow our own trumpet, but we have made Whzan being interoperable a commitment and a priority for everything we do.


We understand that there is no single NHS interface to feed all of the different electronic patient record systems used across the country.


That's why we spend a third of our development budget ensuring the whole Whzan ecosystem seamlessly integrates with most EPRs.

Probably the most interoperable health monitoring software in the UK*
Graphic showing connects

Better Data Means Better Care

Some of the most important decisions in providing high-quality healthcare rests on having immediate access to patient or resident data, when and where it is needed most.

Whzan data, often automated by IOT or patients taking readings themselves, is immediately available to care professionals, supporting potentially life-saving decisions.

Alongside integrations with Access Rio, EMIS, SystmOne, Adastra 111, Sky Response and NHS Digital National Record Locator (NRL), we also link up to many local record systems.

Your patient's data where it's needed most.

How Whzan Interoperability works

Discover how Whzan has continues to innovate everyday patient monitoring with interoperability functionality.

Integrations & Partnerships

Whzan's integration with Access Rio makes their EPR mobile. Data entered by patients or carers is now seamlessly and instantly available to GPs across the country. 

Access Rio

Our integration with Adastra means OOH & IUC services – key emergency services providers, will receive Whzan data automatically when a care home resident records a high NEWS2 -  Learn more...


Our integration with the National Record Locator ensures up-to-date NEWS2 Whzan data is available to care professionals and emergency responders. Learn more...

NHS Digital NRL

Whzan data is interoperable with EMIS meaning care professionals and those who need it most can respond to any situation meaning better care. 


Whzan data is integrated with SystmOne's EPR. This shared record is available across all healthcare settings to staff who need it during patient care.


Whzan data is interoperable with the Skyresponse, a 100% true cloud-based SaaS platform that offers seamless and efficient ways to receive, handle and manage alarms and events.

Sky response

Vayyar Care is now integrated with Whzan’s care dashboard, leveraging IoT sensor fusion to track movement and identify behavioural changes that indicate heightened risk. Watch our video...


Panacea Healthcare Group are the UK distributor of Vayyar Care smart home technology, utilising a unique integration with Whzan's care dashboard. Read more about Panacea...


The collaboration between Nourish and Whzan means that vital observations will be available alongside daily care records giving care teams instant up-to-date clinical patient information. Learn more...


Ally are part of the Whzan integration pathway providing a resident acoustic monitoring system for care homes. It’s easy to install, secure and provides immediate benefits for owners, staff and residents.


Whzan's integration with PCS eliminates the need to duplicate data into two systems when collecting resident vital signs and NEWS2 scores. This not only saves time but leaves no margin for error.

Person Centred Software

These Hands is the consultancy of Tara Marshall, a great friend to Whzan. Tara has a wealth of experience dedicated to enhancing healthcare delivery for individuals at every stage of their lives.

These Hands Academy

Other organisations on the Whzan integration pathway include:

Samsung SmartThings, Amazon Alexa, Oysta Technology, GOV.UK Notify & Teltonika Networks.

Other Integrations

Key features

As data gets entered within Whzan, automatically from instruments or otherwise, it is seamlessly available on the chosen system in the Whzan integration pathway.

Real-Time Data Transfer


We have devleoped a GP single-sign-on (SSO) with NHS Care Identity. This means clinicians can retrieve Whzan patient data using their NHS credentials or Smart Card.

NHS Smart Cards


Whzan integrations mean that vital observations can be available alongside daily care records giving care teams instant up-to-date clinical patient information. All on one login.

Care Home Management


The opportunity exists to cut back on expensive in-house servers by using Alarm Receiving Centres for all council alerts and notifications. Whzan data is interoperable with leading ARC organisations.

Alarm Receiving Centres


Simply have a conversation with us. We'd love to help facilitate easier and better data journeys if we can. 

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