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Save money while maintaining higher quality care.

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The complete solution to monitor your residents' health and mobility. 

Easy to use and install, economical and essential to deliver effective preventive care.

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The Guardian Kit is WHZAN's home activity monitoring system. 


The Blue Box is WHZAN's all-in-one tele-health case.

integrated TECHNOLOGY

Whzan automatically calculates the Royal College of Physians' National Early Warning Score (NEWS2), in use throughout the UK supporting analysis of illness, nutrition, hydration, frailty and other conditions. Includes health and activity pattern recognition.

remote monitoring

WHZAN's systems help the lives of people with long term conditions such as COPD, asthma, diabetes and heart health, as well as monitoring people with short term needs, post-op & during pregnancy.

cost saving

The BLUE BOX and the GUARDIAN KIT either combined or independently, contribute to substantial savings, help improve resource management and save time delivering safer, quality care.


Watch how Whzan's monitoring systems help care homes save money and improve lives in this interview by the Isle of Wight NHS Trust.

A recent independent study by NENC AHSN proved 8 care homes saved more than £756,000 in emergency services costs over one year by using Whzan Blue Box.


reduction in 999 ambulance requests


reduction in unplanned GP visits


reduction in 111 calls 

reports by 

NHS & Clinics
Loved Ones
Domiciliary Care
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