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Save money, maintain higher quality care

Whzan for Care Homes

The Whzan Blue Box and ecosystem includes automated early warning triggers, NEWS2, health and activity pattern recognition - continually enhanced, developed and updated by own team. 

Easy to use and install, economical, essential to deliver effective preventive care and stop unnecessary hospital stays.

The complete solution to monitor your residents' health and mobility. 
Care professional with patient

Whzan's award-winning portable Blue Box, provides an unparalleled level of patient monitoring. With automated NEWS2 scores, monitoring vital signs & activity levels plus falls risk & prevention, our technology ensures a holistic approach to care.

Enhanced Patient Monitoring


Whzan enables carers with little or no clinical training to conduct assessments and communicate with the NHS using a common language - NEWS2 scores. This allows signs of illness and deterioration to be detected earlier and validates reasons for escalation.

Extend Primary Care Capacity


Whzan data is integrated with Care Home Management Systems including Person Centred Software,  Nourish plus NHS EPRs. This means vital information is immediately available within the home, and to care professionals, supporting potentially life-saving decisions.​

Integrated & Interoperable


We will train your team to use the equipment to give them more confidence in this new way of working. Within our team we have highly experienced NHS support clinicians to help you at every stage, plus a wealth of online resource at your fingertips.

Continual Training & Support


The Blue Box is ultra-portable meaning one box can serve up to 30 residents on one floor. The box has also been adapted for annual physical health checks, falls risk assessments and prevention, continence monitoring and much more. 



Whzan is proven to contribute to cost savings by halving 999 calls, reducing hospital admissions and ensuring efficient use of resources. Our technology is an investment in the long-term well-being of residents, providing both financial and operational benefits.

Cost effective


How it works

Care Homes

Discover how Whzan has transformed everyday patient monitoring at Priscilla Wakefield Care House.


reduction in 999 ambulance requests


reduction in unplanned GP visits


reduction in non-elective admissions

Care professional with patient

NHS Healthcare

Social Care

Domiciliary Care

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