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Monitor your client's health from one device

Whzan for Domiciliary Care

We recognise the pivotal role domiciliary care professionals play in providing personalised and compassionate care within the homes of those you serve. In the evolving landscape of healthcare, Whzan offers advanced solutions designed to enhance the quality of care delivered to clients.


Our commitment lies in empowering care professionals with innovative monitoring tools that seamlessly integrate into your workflow, elevating the standard of care delivered in the comfort of your clients' homes.

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Whzan's versatile Blue Box, brings an unprecedented level of personalised care to domiciliary settings. Remote monitoring of vital signs, activity levels, and real-time communication via video calls or messaging ensures that your clients receive person centred support tailored to their unique needs.

Personalised Remote Monitoring


All real-time client data from your Whzan dashboard allows you to make informed decisions on the spot, enhancing the efficiency of your care delivery. Whatever the level or remote care that your client needs, our applications will transfer your data to a defined central control hub.

Central Hub Data


As the care landscape evolves, Whzan's solutions go beyond routine monitoring. From Guardian Home Monitoring to conducting annual physical health checks, falls risk assessments, or addressing specific healthcare challenges, our technology is adaptable to the diverse needs of domiciliary care. 

Adaptable Solutions


Whzan seamlessly integrates with a range of patient record systems such as Access Rio, Emis and SystmOne.  In addition, alarms and alerts can be sent to ARC cloud systems ensuring the secure transfer of critical data. We are committed to adding to our integration pathway for the betterment of client care.

Integration with Existing Systems


Our solutions can be set up almost immediately, with all necessary equipment in stock for dispatch and available for rent or purchase. Our team, including NHS professionals, is dedicated to providing rapid, comprehensive training, ensuring a smooth and efficient implementation process.

Immediate Setup & Training


We do what we do because of the positive change our partners tell us they are achieving. Our case studies highlight the cost savings and improved outcomes being reported across the country in different settings and scenarios.

Our solutions are available to buy or rent if preferable.

Cost effective


How it works

Domiciliary Care

Watch how Whzan's Guardian Kit has been developed for integrated care, in a special award-winning partnership with Sunderland City Council



reduction in 999 ambulance requests


reduction in unplanned GP visits


reduction in 111 calls

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Care Homes

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