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Whzan Ecosystem

Whzan software is built to collect data from any device and send it to any destination, tailored to your needs in providing health or social care support.


Everything we do is powered by the Whzan information system, connecting our solutions, your data and the people who need to access it to transform outcomes.

Innovation and seamless connectivity

One System, One Login

Powerful software

One login gives you access to the data and information you need on your personalised dashboard from any Whzan system, to provide care or support to your client, resident or patient.

Care professional


Virtual Wards

Our Virtual Care tech is now used to monitor over 140,000 patients across the UK – delivering accurate assessments, informing crucial decision-making and protecting people at risk of deterioration.

Blue Box

The Blue Box is keeping patients at home by allowing clinicians and carers to remotely monitor vital signs, with an automated NEWS2 and activity. 


Guardian home monitoring uses AI to identify patterns of activity, keep loved ones informed and reduce demand on council services.

Whzan App

The Whzan App is an information hub, self-assessment and communication tool, and more. It allows clinicians to stay updated on their patient's vital signs and ensure they’re following care plans.


Wearables offer a continuous stream of health information, enabling healthcare professionals to gain insights into an individual's wellbeing beyond traditional monitoring methods.

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