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Social Carer

Empowering local authorities for a connected future.

Whzan for Social Care

Since launching in 2011, Whzan technology has been adopted across a nationwide range of care settings to improve the health of vulnerable people, supporting the work of care professionals and relieving the strain on Local Authorities and the NHS. As Integrated Care Systems strive to provide connected care, we'll be by your side.


Our tech is now used to monitor over 140,000 patients & residents across the UK – delivering accurate assessments, informing crucial decision-making and protecting people at risk of deterioration.


In simple terms, we collect resident and patient health and activity monitoring data and ensure it is immediately sent to those who need it most - be that clinicians, carers, emergency services or friends and family.

Connecting health and social care: Strengthening community support
Social Carer

Whzan Guardian monitors vulnerable people at home to reduce demand on community services, reduce care home costs and relieve stress on emergency services. Guardian is a collection of discreet wireless sensors placed throughout the home – monitoring behaviour and environment according to need. Read more about Guardian here...

Home activity monitoring


We don't deal with one-size fits all and understand every situation is unique. 

All monitoring data feeds into a centralised app, keeping family close friends and care professionals updated on changing circumstances and delivering a wider care network.

Adaptable and Inclusive


Our award-winning Blue Box is keeping patients at home by allowing care professionals to remotely monitor a range of vital signs, activity and NEWS2, and communicate with the patient using video calls or messaging.​ Little training is needed and the portability of the Blue Box means NEWS2 scores and other assessments can be given & taken anywhere. Read more about our Blue Box here...

Portable vital signs monitoring


Emergency alerts and alarms/changes in behaviour can be sent and actioned immediately through our partnerships with ARC cloud-based receiving centres like Sky Response. Whzan data is also communicated to GPs/NHS care professionals in a common language, allowing speedy intervention where necessary.

Integrated resident data


More local authorities and NHS Trusts are working together to provide better care using Whzan technology. This means social care can be the first point of prevention and we have 'loved ones' sharing our alerts app to ensure the care burden is spread. Our services now incorporate residential homes where those with additional needs can be cared for.

A bridge between health & social care


Whzan's ability to collect vital data, collate in a central hub and send virtually anywhere is incrsasingly been used to power council infrastructure.


From alarms to parking and refuse, our LoRaWAN monitoring sensors and AI powered tech mean the possibilities are endless.

Connected smart cities


Remote monitoring

Social Care

How Sunderland City Council are caring for their residents using our SHEILA app


savings in the £millions reported


reduction in A&E attendance


reduction in 111 calls

Whzan on a mobile phone

Bridging the gap

Social Care

How NHS Trusts and Local Government are working together to help residential home residents with additional needs. Chris' story.

NHS Healthcare

Care Homes

Domiciliary Care

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