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Whzan adds new hardware to growing suite

We’re continually looking to add to our extensive suite of assessment and monitoring instruments – responding to the changing needs of our partners and customers. With that in mind, we have two new exciting additions that are now available.

Whzan Wearable

We’ve been developing an interface with wearable technology – enabling constant monitoring of key activity data and vital signs. We’re excited to be launching this alongside our own watch device. The watch pairs with a Whzan tablet – collecting vital signs and step count, before communicating this data to the tablet via Bluetooth.

This is done automatically at set intervals When the patient is in Bluetooth range of the Whzan tablet, the data is extracted, displayed locally along with the NEWS2 score and sent up to the Whzan triaging dashboard. No interaction with the tablet is required. The device has a battery life of 7 days and is recharged in an hour via a simple snap-on magnetic connector.

Data is received by our dashboard in the same way as Blue Box data, it is given a RAG status and can generate alerts from configurable limits. Wearable data including respiration rate, step count and oxygen levels provides an insight into a patient’s activities.

We’re continuing our wearable development and hope to soon support most makes of smartwatches by the end of Autumn.


We’re excited to have integrated an eight and twelve lead professional Class IIA ECG. The device from D-Heart is easy to use, with the Whzan tablet providing full instructions on the correct positioning the electrodes on the chest. The ECG data is shown on the Whzan tablet as it is received and can be recorded for return to the Whzan dashboard along with the derived parameters.

Both of these additions will significantly enhance and diversify Whzan’s offering – as we strive to ensure the needs of our customers and those they serve are fully met.


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