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Welcome to Whzan V3


We take a huge amount of pride in the role our technology and software play in maximising and improving the health, wellbeing, safety and happiness of some of the most vulnerable people in society. In order to keep doing this, we recognise the importance of keeping our products and the systems they run on up-to-date and using the latest tech.

Our flagship product, the Blue Box, is now powering more Virtual Wards across the country as well as continuing to allow those in Care Homes and Domiciliary Care to offer enhanced care packages, delivering significant savings in Healthcare & NHS resources – reducing ambulance callouts and freeing up beds in hospitals.

We use the latest Bluetooth wireless instruments to allow care professionals, or the patient themselves to take highly-accurate assessments in the shortest time possible.

We’re interoperable with more leading EPRs to ensure the data automatically entered on our tablets is seamlessly available to clinicians, GPs and those who need it most to allow speedy intervention with confidence at the first sign of deterioration.

And we’re now delighted to announce that this summer sees the launch of Whzan V3, an upgraded system and software that not only powers all of the above but makes us more scalable for the future.

Version 3

V3 has been in the planning for quite some time. The current version has served us so well and continues to help transform the way care is delivered, however we felt it was time for the first ground-up rewrite. This will allow us to use everything we’ve learned over the past decade since the Blue Box first launched and build something that truly reflects the current care landscape.

Version 3 will be easier to use as well as more intuitive and graphical. We’ve used direct feedback from current users to ensure it matches the needs of the incredible care professionals and patients who use it every day. Everything you know and love about the current version will still be there – with immediate tweaks and enhancements

Importantly, V3 will mean we can apply automatic updates to our systems and software across the country, whether that be for bug fixes or when new versions of instruments launch.

V3 is more user-friendly as well as being more patient-friendly. There are more help sheets and hint sheets available on the tablet, making it easier to navigate and find what you need quickly and easily.

Version 3 offers us more integration options, not only with things like video calling between professionals and patients, but to be interoperable with even more Electronic Patient Record Systems – and we all know there are a lot of them :)

Best of all, it’s a completely free upgrade for current Whzan users. All you’ll need to do is get in touch and we’ll take you through it. And, as mentioned, this is the last upgrade we’ll ever need to do – with all future updates taking place automatically.


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