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North Central London ICB (NCL) featured in UN Decade of Healthy Ageing report

Updated: Apr 16

Almost a year ago, our friends at North Central London ICB (NCL) submitted a case study for the then-upcoming United Nations Decade of Healthy Ageing report.

Quite wonderfully, their submission, “Using technology to improve outcomes for care home residents and staff during COVID-19”, has been chosen to be featured in the report. This is alongside 49 other countries, selected from over 200 entries.

Already multiple award winners for their use of the Whzan Blue Box in Care Homes, the report outlines how NCL achieved significant reductions in hospital attendance, ambulance calls and non-elective admissions from monitoring vital signs of their care home residents.

The aims of the project were to support staff and residents in spotting the early signs of deterioration and use the Whzan remote monitoring tools to calculate a National Early Warning Score (NEWS2). Using this common language in the NHS enables residents to get the right care at the right time by the right person.

NCL now have 150 care settings using Whzan to take observations and clinical assessments. NEWS2 scores uploaded on the Whzan portal are automatically shared with GPs & health care professionals, allowing changes/deterioration to be picked up earlier and acted on.

Being part of this prestigious report is another amazing achievement for the NCL team and the fantastic, dedicated people working there. Whilst there are too many to mention we have to say a huge well done to Louise Keane, who has been a champion and advocate for digital solutions and Tess Murdoch who led on the submission.

We are incredibly proud to be your partner and we know it has always been an ambition for you to share your success with others so they can learn and help improve health outcomes.

You’ve achieved this in a big way.

You can read and download the full report here

UN Decade of Healthy Ageing progress report
Download PDF • 6.48MB

Here's a link to the NCL submission on the Decade of Healthy Ageing website


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