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Whzan launches Adastra integration

We’re delighted to have completed integration with Adastra, the largest Out-of-Hours Software system in the UK. This means Out-of-Hours (OOH) and Integrated Urgent Care (IUC) services – two key emergency services providers will receive Whzan data automatically when a care home resident records a NEWS2 score of 5 or 6. The integration will see care home patient data transferred directly into their systems from Whzan technology.

This now allows emergency services to make key decisions with the most recent observations and thus prioritising patients in need of emergency care. This leads to faster clinical response and support for those who need it most. It also saves clinicians time when delivering care – giving them immediate access to up-to-date patient information.

This represents another important step forward for Whzan technology, as we continue to establish new ways of ensuring that the most vulnerable people receive the best possible care. We believe that one of the efficient ways to achieve this is to ensure that clinicians, health and care professionals have quick and easy access to highly accurate data – enabling better, more informed decision-making.

John Cooling, Chairman of Whzan Digital Health commented “A big thanks goes out to our friends at London Central and West UCC for their dedication in getting this done. As a result, this integration will benefit the care of around 4.6 million of their residents – with other regions now having the opportunity to join them.”


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