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We’re better together – Whzan’s ever-expanding integrations

At Whzan, we understand the importance of data when it comes to providing the highest levels of care. Whether part of routine care or emergency response, the ability to immediately access up-to-date patient data has a huge impact on the ability to make key decisions. Decisions that can have a lasting impact on an individual’s short and long-term health.

With this in mind, one of our top priorities when developing our technology is ensuring it’s agile and capable of integrating with practically any record system. We want every care professional across the country to have immediate access to patient data at the click of a button.

And we’re making that a reality…


So much of what we do is based around enabling informed and confident decision-making – with the key beneficiaries being those seeking help. Integrations with systems like EMIS, SystmOne and Paris do just that. Without the need for a Whzan login, GPs, emergency responders and community nurses are now able to access real-time clinical information on those they’re treating. They’re also able to upload any additional data they collect – further enabling better care down the line.

National Record Locator (NRL)

So often, great data is reliant on effective sharing. This is especially true in the context of patient data – where an individual is likely to come into contact with a variety of different professionals, in different settings.

Our integration with the National Record Locator ensures up-to-date Whzan data is continually shared across a network of care professionals.

Whzan updates patient record links in the NRL system each time a NEWS2 score is calculated. Emergency responders can use NRL to access the NEWS2 chart to prioritise the support response. Whzan’s NEWS2 chart shows current and historical NEWS2 values and its component measurements.

Adastra 111

Enabling speedy responses to sudden deterioration has long been a priority when developing Whzan technology. We understand the difference that can be made when problems are addressed quickly and have made it our mission to enable carers, care professionals and emergency services to do so.

Our integration with Adastra 111 takes this to a new level. The integration enables a carer to schedule a prioritised 111 clinician call back from the Blue Box, if a resident’s NEWS2 score is a 5 or 6. The patient data and a link to the resident's NEWS2 chart are automatically transferred to Adastra, enabling a 111 clinician to review the latest patient data prior to calling the care home.

This link eliminates a 111 pre-screening call and reduces the clinician time that would have been spent discussing the data with the carer.

Local Record Systems

Whilst integrating with the most widely used systems is obviously a priority, we recognise there is also a great deal of value in integrating with locally-focused systems. Especially in areas where Whzan technology is widely used. This creates an ecosystem where significant levels of vital data is being collected and immediately shared with those who need it. This ensures everyone receives the highest level of care, driven by data.

Links with Local Records Systems are quickly developed and use Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR). The link protocol Whzan developed for the Lincolnshire shared care record is currently being used by NHS England to aid them in creating a template for virtual ward data recording.

Please get in touch if we can help you get Whzan data to where you need it.


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