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For more information on how Whzan are helping transform the health landscape through virtual wards, download our brochure below

Virtual Wards are transforming the healthcare landscape – empowering individuals to manage their own health and treatment from the place they call home. This is only made possible through the use of technology like Whzan as we enable highly-accurate remote assessments, communication & care delivery

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Virtual Wards from Whzan

Watch how Whzan technology is helping an increasing number of Trusts across the UK to embrace virtual wards. This is freeing up hospital beds, relieving the pressure on the NHS and allowing patients to get better, faster in the place they call home, including care homes.

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A Solution for every stage of home care

The Whzan suite makes it possible to manage a wide range of conditions from the patient’s own home. Our Blue Box makes even more severe conditions manageable remotely – enabling close monitoring that would previously only been possible by keeping the patient in hospital. 

For the less severe, the lighter touch of our free WhzApp allows the necessary data to be collected in order to keep clinicians updated of any sudden changes. 

Our Guardian Kit can also play a key role in monitoring the activity of frailer patients as they recover in their own homes. 

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