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Brian Martin joins the Whzan team

We're delighted to announce that Brian Martin has joined the expanding team at Whzan as a Technology Enabled Care Consultant.

Brian joined the London Ambulance Service (LAS) in 1980 at the age of 19 as an Ambulance Technician. He studied and worked his way up to become a qualified Paramedic. His career with IWAS spanned a further 16 years and comprised the roles of Patient Transport Manager, Control Manager, Operations Manager and Deputy Director of the Ambulance Service, overseeing a changing service and the development of innovations to tackle the particular challenges of the island location and the needs of the community. In 2012 Brian took the helm at the Integrated Community Equipment Service (ICES), one of the first services to be jointly commissioned by the Local Authority and Healthcare. In this role, he utilised his ability to understand the patient experience to find innovative, sustainable solutions that would enable independence and significant improvements to quality of life for the wider community outside the hospital setting.

Brian was until October 2021 the Technology Enabled Care (TEC) Manager for the Isle of Wight NHS Trust where he won the parliamentary lifetime achievement award for health along with the best Digital response for care homes during the pandemic.

Although he's only been with us a few weeks, Brian is already advising five of our regional partners on how best to deploy telehealth...using all of his 42 years of experience to ensure the best possible outcomes for their patients.

Welcome, Brian.


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