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New 12 Lead ECG with immediate AI diagnosis added to Whzan

Updated: Mar 25

We’re excited to have integrated an eight and twelve-lead professional MHRA Class IIA ECG. The device from D-Heart is easy to use, with the Whzan tablet providing full instructions on the correct positioning of the electrodes on the chest. This can all now be done in the place the patient calls home.

The ECG can easily be transported anywhere because it weighs less than a smartphone and auto-connects to the Whzan tablet via Bluetooth. It recharges wirelessly when stored inside the case.

The ECG data is shown on the Whzan tablet as it is received and recorded on the Whzan dashboard along with the derived parameters.

In addition, the ECG data can be passed to an AI engine, which is a medically certified (SaMD) device. This will return a comprehensive diagnosis in a few seconds.

As always, for more information on our Virtual Wards, Blue Box and expanding list of devices, please get in touch.


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