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NHS using Whzan for Annual Physical Health Checks

More regions using Whzan for Annual Physical Health Checks (APHC) for patients with serious mental illness (SMI)

Since its launch in 2011, the Whzan Blue Box has been responsible for transforming how health assessments are completed with minimal clinical training, supporting hundreds of thousands of people in the place they call home.

More recently, one of our missions is to help facilitate better care for people who are harder to reach, or whose circumstances mean they may not have immediate access to technology that can help them.


NHS regions across the country are now using our Blue Box to support annual physical health checks for patients with serious mental illness (SMI).

A key challenge facing those responsible caring for people with SMI is keeping up-to-date with regular comprehensive data on their overall health. They’re often reluctant to attend hospitals or doctor’s surgeries and many are homeless.

To support these vulnerable people the standard Blue Box is enhanced to provide a full digitised SMI health check, in accordance with NICE guidance. The six parameters are:

  • alcohol consumption status.

  • blood glucose or HbA1c test

  • blood pressure.

  • body mass index.

  • lipid profile.

  • smoking status

Our data is interoperable with the most commonly used Electronic Patient Record Systems using a single NHS login. Data can be pulled from, and transferred to these EPR’s including Rio, Systmone & EMIS automatically, or at the touch of a single button. This means clinicians have immediate access to help those who need it most.

NHS ICB’s including Rotherham, Sheffield, Essex, Kent, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, East London, South London & Hampshire are reporting that they are seeing an upturn in health checks conducted.

The portability of the kit means healthcare professionals can see patients in environments where they feel most comfortable.

We're delighted to be helping to make a difference.


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