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Whzan Blue Box in July TSA insight report

We’re delighted that the Whzan Blue Box was featured in the TSA Sector Insight Report for July 2020. The report discusses ways in which the health and care sectors have had to respond and adapt to the Covid-19 pandemic.

It’s no secret how hard care homes have been hit by Covid-19. Home to some of society’s most vulnerable, care homes faced a significant challenge in shielding their residents and responding as quickly as possible to any cases that emerged.

Telehealth solutions have played a huge part in this – giving carers the tools they need to make speedy and effective assessments, whilst also protecting themselves. We’re obviously incredibly proud to have been able to support these efforts.

The Whzan Blue Box was specifically designed to enhance care for the most vulnerable and enable carers and NHS staff to make sound, informed decisions. Whilst none of us could have predicted what carers and care homes would be facing, we’re simply happy that we could play a part in easing the pressure in any way and making their lives and jobs a little easier.

Read the full report here with the Blue Box featured on pages 12 & 13 (or page 7 depending on your PDF reader - look for the Blue Box)


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