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UCL/NCL publishes report on the success of Whzan's Blue Box in North Central London care homes

It's been almost four years since we partnered with UCLPartners/NHS North Central London Integrated Care System (NCL). In that time, we've helped improved the ability of non-clinically trained staff to recognise, escalate and communicate early signs of deterioration.

Initially our Blue Box - which contains portable monitoring equipment and a tablet to measure vital signs, calculate a NEWS2 score and facilitate appropriate escalation - was trialled in 8 care homes across Camden, Islington, Barnet, Enfield and Haringey.

After the success of this pilot, the use of the Whzan Blue Box was rolled out to 116 care homes across North London with the support of the NHSX Digital Solutions in Care Homes scaling-up programme.

This has improved the quality of care for over 3,000 vulnerable people by allowing more accurate, faster assessments – identifying signs of deterioration at the earliest possible opportunity.

UCLPartners/NCL have published a comprehensive report on their findings along with recommendations that may help NHS colleagues and care homes in similar positions. You can read and download this report here.

UCLP Remote Monitoring Engagement in NCL_Final
Download PDF • 358KB

We’d like to congratulate NCL on their award-winning work and their vision and willingness to embrace innovation.


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