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Now anyone can use Whzan to record their vital signs and calculate NEWS2

To support care workers everywhere, we have created a facility to record their own vital signs and enter the parameters necessary for the automatic calculation of the Royal College of Physician's (RCP) National Early Warning Score 2 (NEWS2). 

NEWS2 is a health indicator used throughout NHS Hospitals and residents of the hundreds of care homes using Whzan. The result is a single number, which is used to indicate clinical risk. Guidance on how to interpret the score can be found on the RCP website, but generally the score increases when the clinical risk increases.

Care workers can monitor and record their readings, which can help identify the beginning of poor health conditions.

The service is free for all to use showing your scores on the RCP standard chart used by the NHS. The chart can be downloaded as a PDF and shared with clinicians. 

Create a free account on the Whzan website by clicking the LOGIN menu.


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