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Blue Box used for annual physical health checks for those with SMI

Since its launch in 2011, the Whzan Blue Box has been responsible for transforming how health assessments are carried out by people with minimal clinical training. It’s provided care professionals and clinicians with confidence in their decisions and peace of mind that their patients are receiving the care and treatment they need to maximise their health and quality of life.

It’s for these reasons that the Blue Box continues to find new applications – used in different circumstances to overcome more and more healthcare challenges, enhance care delivery, plus deliver significant savings in time and resources.

One of our recent and ground-breaking applications is the role the Blue Box is supporting annual physical health checks for those with serious mental illness (SMI).

A key challenge facing those responsible caring for people with SMI is keeping up-to-date with regular comprehensive data on their overall health. They’re often reluctant to attend hospitals, or doctor’s surgeries and many are homeless.

To support these vulnerable people the standard Blue Box is being enhanced with Bluetooth scales, multi-functional blood testers, additional assessments for alcohol and smoking with the option of other instruments, such as a Bluetooth ECG. The portability of the kit is allowing care professionals to carry out a range of assessments in any location and seeing a significant upturn in the amount of health checks conducted. Many patients can be more willing to undertake the health checks in environments where they feel most comfortable.

This is enabling early and speedy interventions when required, with more regular and accurate patient data identifying illness and signs of deterioration. It’s expected that this will lead to a reduction in demand for emergency services.


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