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For more information and a demonstration of Guardian Kit & SHEILA leave your details below.

You'll get immediate access to a case study showing how Sunderland City Council adopted the system and we'll be in touch to talk further.

Discreet home sensors detect movement & monitor the use of home installations providing an early warning system for carers, close family and friends.

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The Whzan
Guardian Kit &

Watch how Whzan's Guardian Kit has been developed for integrated care, in a special award-winning partnership with Sunderland City Council.

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The Guardian Kit is our home monitoring system used to track movement, detect and identify changes in behaviour that highlight increased risk.  Guardian uses multiple, low-cost, easy-to-install, sensors that monitor almost anything in the home. This includes appliances, windows, doors, fire & smoke risk. The sensors record behaviour patterns with changes detected and advised to loved ones and social care support organisations via an app.

motion sensors


Each Guardian Kit includes the Whzan hub and sensors... all you need is an electric socket and connection to the internet. Once the sensors are installed and named its working!


There's no need to actually see or hear what happens in the house! Sensors pick up movements and activities & mark them on a chart. Notifications are triggered and sent via an app when unusual behaviour is detected, such as a door left open.


Battery operated, low power sensors are easily installed with magnets or adhesive strips around the house - while power sensors are simply plug and go... easy!

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