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Connecting Health & Social Care – Chris’ Story


At Whzan we hold a very privileged position. We get to work with some wonderful organisations committed to making positive change for the people they care for and serve.

Often, we get some great evaluation data that show savings in money, bed days, ambulance call-outs etc. Sometimes we are lucky enough to hear about and meet the beneficiaries of that commitment. Their stories humble us.

We met Chris during Leicester Leicestershire and Rutland’s (LLR) Connected Care programme. Bringing together health & social care, LLR wanted to understand the impact that a digital remote monitoring system would have in their residential care homes, especially for those with additional needs. We were delighted to be chosen as the supplier and we got to meet Chris.

It was a real treat to meet Chris. with an amazingly generous personality and hidden talents that we uncovered during the preparation for filming, including winning gold and silver medals for swimming in two separate Special Olympics.

He’s also a football supporter and just like us, he gets anxious about his general health.

Living at a residential care home in Rutland, Chris would often call 999 or 111 when he felt anxiety. As you’ll learn from the video, by taking his own observations and NEWS2 scores, he was able to feel much more comfortable about his health.

Chris wanted us to share his story. It’s a story of hope, and one of improving outcomes for all, equally, so that people living with learning disabilities can live actively in the place of their choice for as long as possible.


There are also other organisational benefits. LLR deployed the Whzan Blue Box into 32 of its residential care homes in an initial pilot. They demonstrated savings of £600,000 during four months, as well as noticeable reductions in hospital admissions and ambulance callouts.

Whilst the statistics are impressive, meeting people like Chris reminds us of why we do what we do.

We’d like to thank all at LLR, Tara Marshall of These Hands Academy and the team at Willowbrook Residential Home for sharing these insights.

And of course, most of all Chris.

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