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Monitor your loved ones' health & mobility 

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WHZAN empowers people with no clinical training to conduct a clinical assessment and approach the appropriate authority for support & treatment.

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The Guardian Kit is WHZAN's home activity monitoring system. 


The Blue Box is WHZAN's all-in-one tele-health case.

integrated TECHNOLOGY

Colour coded warnings automatically trigger notifications sent to family and friends, local GPs and dedicated care professionals in real-time.

real time monitoring

WHZAN's systems help the lives of people with long term conditions such as COPD, asthma, diabetes and heart health, as well as monitoring people with short term needs, post-op & during pregnancy.


The BLUE BOX and the GUARDIAN KIT either combined or independently, deliver support with minimal impact on the family finances. It is very low cost.


Watch how Whzan's monitoring systems work & how they help you easily monitor and share medical data with professionals, in this interview with the Isle of Wight NHS Trust.

WHZAN's monitoring systems include devices and sensors to detect early health warnings allowing family, close friends and carers to keep an eye on their nearest and dearest. The use of our systems further reduces demand on care homes, nursing homes and of course, primary, secondary and emergency services.


reduction in 999 ambulance requests


reduction in unplanned GP visits


reduction in 111 calls

reports by 

NHS & Clinics
Care Homes
Domiciliary Care
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