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Blue Box

The Blue Box contents

Our Blue Box is keeping patients out of hospital by allowing care professionals to remotely monitor a minimum of vital signs, activity and NEWS2, and communicate with the patient using video calls or messaging.

Readings are typically taken by care staff 3-4 times a day as prompted by the Whzan tablet computer. On virtual wards, these readings will be taken by the patient themselves. That data is immediately available to care home staff or clinicians via our integrations.

Portable for care homes and virtual wards

Since its launch over 10 years ago, the Whzan Blue Box has been responsible for transforming how health assessments are completed with minimal clinical training, supporting hundreds of thousands of people daily, in the place they call home.

Helping millions since 2011

The Blue Box case

Blue Box


Watch how Whzan's Blue Box is helping to monitor thousands of people every day, identifying signs of deterioration & illness earlier.

Configure it your way

The Bue Box helps conduct comprehensive clinical assessments, communicating results to healthcare professionals.


In addition to providing an automated National Early Warning Score (NEWS2) score,  the Blue Box identifies signs of illness, nutrition, hydration and frailty through measurements and assessments.


Across the UK we are supporting those with long-term conditions such as COPD, asthma, diabetes and coronary heart disease, as well as monitoring people with short-term needs, post-op & during pregnancy.

Whzan's Blue Box is designed for flexibility, allowing each user to configure it based on specific healthcare requirements.

Nurse taking patient vital signs

New Applications


Annual Physical Health Checks

The Blue Box has been enhanced to support annual physical health checks for patients with serious mental illness (SMI).


A key challenge facing those responsible caring for people with SMI is keeping up-to-date with regular comprehensive data on their overall health.

This full digitised SMI health check is in accordance with NICE guidance. Read more...


Falls Risk & Prevention

Whzan’s Blue Box & technology is equipped to provide your care home with the tools you need to determine if there is a risk of a fall and if so, how you can monitor your resident for predictive signs and prevention.


We are also integrated with Ally & Vayyar with data going directly to your Whzan dashboard.


Blue Box Compact

Our Blue Box is now available in a compact size.

We’ve taken everything great about the original and made it even more ultra-portable in a new smaller, lighter hard plastic case.


At just 2kg, that’s roughly half the weight of its older sibling.


Whzan in a Jiffy

If you simply want some instruments to take vital signs and NEWS2 scores and manually input them into the Whzan system, we have the answer. Whzan in a Jiffy is just that, your chosen instruments sent to a central hub or your patient, with access to the Whzan dashboard for input.

At Whzan, we pride ourselves on being able to pivot quickly to the changing needs of our healthcare system.


Outside of its usual settings in care homes and virtual wards, every month we hear about different ways the box is being used to care for more and more people.


We are committed to continual development, improvements and enhancements for different conditions and situations to help bridge the gap between health and social care.

More than a box - your all-in-one fully portable health monitoring system

What's in a Blue Box  

The GSM-enabled tablet PC's intuitive interface enables care professionals to input non-automated information and access vital data efficiently, ensuring seamless communication.

GSM-Enabled Tablet PC


The included thermometer allows for accurate temperature readings. Its precision ensures that care professionals can monitor and respond to changes in body temperature promptly.

Bluetooth Thermometer


The pulse oximeter measures the oxygen saturation levels in a patient's blood. This tool tests the efficiency of oxygen delivery, aiding in the early detection of respiratory issues.

Pulse Oximeter


The blood pressure monitor facilitates regular monitoring of blood pressure and particularly valuable for individuals with heart conditions or those at risk of hypertension.

Blood Pressure Monitor


This optional addition allows for electrocardiogram (ECG) monitoring. It provides a more in-depth view of cardiac activity, supporting the assessment of heart health and the detection of potential abnormalities.

1-12 Lead ECG (optional)


Enables precise weight monitoring, a crucial aspect of healthcare, especially in scenarios where weight management is a concern or an indicator of overall health.

Scales (optional)


Choose the option to include point-of-care blood testers. These testers cover essential metrics such as lipid profiles, glucose levels, HbA1c, lactate, among others, providing a comprehensive view of a patient's health status.

Point-of-Care Blood Testers (optional)


Virtual Wards

Guardian Kit

Whzan App


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