Early Warning Health Detection Systems

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We’re taking health monitoring in a new direction. With leading technology and greater accuracy we help people live in their own homes for longer.


The Whzan Blue Box is WHZAN's all-in-one telehealth case. It measures vital signs, records photos, performs multiple assessments and questionnaires including NEWS2 to check health.  Early signs of decline are flagged before an illness worsens and provides an immediate response for higher quality of care.


The Guardian Kit is WHZAN's home activity monitoring system. The Kit includes multiple motion sensors for movement, electrical appliances, TV, kettle, lights, even heating - sending notifications to carers. These sensors are used to detect movement throughout the home and display the activities on desktops and mobile app. The WHZAN software records behaviour patterns and flags unusual or unexpected activities.

Monitoring over 50,000 people daily in the UK.
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WHZAN provides health & activity monitoring tools that support care professionals and families in detecting and acting on evidence-based data.

All WHZAN's products include automated early warning triggers, including NEWS2, health and activity pattern recognition, simple user interface and the support of a team of professional developers. 


All data recorded by WHZAN's monitoring systems is stored on UK based Microsoft Azure Cloud servers and can be shared with the NHS for easy appropriate access. 


The monitoring process is simple and allows for both the carer and patient to compare information with previous data. This empowers the patient to feel reassured and enjoy more involvement with their own health.


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Independent NHS case studies demonstrate that Whzan's Blue Box Telehealth achieves substantial savings in resources, improves patient lives and empowers care workers.

The simplicity of use belies this future proof, adaptive and feature rich design. This class leading service has won the Best Value in Telehealth HSJ award.

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