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Whzan X Innovate Pilot Scheme extended to a third phase

Back in summer 2020, we launched our Blue Box pilot scheme – funded by Innovate UK. The scheme saw us offer a year-long trial for NHS Trusts and AHSNs to gain access to Whzan Blue Boxes for free. The first phase of the scheme was so successful that a 2nd rollout was launched later in the year.

With both phases of the pilot scheme fully subscribed, we’re delighted to be running a 3rd phase in 2021. We’re offering the opportunity to receive five Blue Box kits for a full year, including full access to the Whzan system, completely free of charge.

We’re extremely proud of the success of the pilot scheme so far, significantly increasing the numbers of patients being monitored by Whzan technology. At such a challenging time for care homes, as they deliver essential care to some of the most vulnerable members of society, we want to do everything we can to enable them to deliver the highest level of support possible.

The Whzan Blue Box is specifically designed to support care home and NHS staff in delivering faster and more accurate patient assessments. Patient data is stored on the Whzan system and immediately available to clinicians. This enables them to make better informed decisions and, in turn, reducing unnecessary call outs and hospital admissions and freeing up beds.

As ever, we’re incredibly grateful to our NHS Trust and AHSN partners for their crucial role in the achievements in the scheme so far.

For anyone interested in being part of the next phase, please get in touch by emailing

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