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Whzan and Vayyar Care Join Forces to Accelerate Data-driven Care

Top UK platform provider Whzan Digital Health and 4D imaging leader Vayyar to deliver best-in-class fall detection and predictive analytics across a range of care settings.

• Vayyar Care, the world’s most advanced care solution, provides touchless fall detection and rich activity data that enables personalised, predictive care.

• Whzan, one of the UK’s most innovative digital care platform providers, will leverage Vayyar Care as a core component of its multifunctional Blue Box telehealth system and step-down WhzApp.

• The partnership will enhance health and operational outcomes across the care sector, including care homes, housing associations, NHS hospitals and local authority-provided social care.

Vayyar Care, the global leader in automatic fall detection and remote monitoring, has established a strategic partnership with Whzan Digital Health, one of the UK’s fastest growing cloud-based care platform providers, and the developers of the Blue Box telehealth monitoring system.

As well as instant, touchless fall detection that eliminates the possibility of “long lies” and their catastrophic consequences, Vayyar Care gathers data that reveals activity levels, sleep duration, increased bathroom usage, possible mental health issues, and more, allowing caregivers and family members to build predictive, person-centred care plans that enhance outcomes.

Vayyar Care is now integrated with Whzan’s care dashboard and WhzApp, which leverages IoT sensor fusion to track movement and identify behavioural changes that indicate heightened risk.

The app is designed to connect clinicians and carers with patients, monitor conditions remotely and deliver key information and care advice. It serves as an information hub, self-assessment and communication tool, vital signs log and more, allowing clinicians to stay updated on patients’ vital signs and ensure they’re following care plans – without unnecessary GP or hospital visits.

The addition of Vayyar Care sensors provides a new level of visibility into care users’ safety and activity. To assess and reduce fall risk in care homes, Whzan has developed a falls risk application with the NHS. This “Multifactorial Falls Risk Assessment” is a comprehensive tool which includes hypotension and is proven to reduce falls. Care home staff will now be able to use the Vayyar-enabled Whzan offering to detect unreported falls that often lead to more serious incidents, while identifying reduced mobility, potential UTIs and possible depressive illnesses, all of which are known fall risk factors.

“I’m delighted to confirm our newest partnership, which has the potential to transform data-driven care for users of all ages and circumstances,” said Stuart Barclay, UK Sales Director at Vayyar Care. “Whzan’s vision aligns perfectly with our own, and I’m immensely excited about the scope and scale of what we’ll achieve together.”

The partnership will enable Whzan to expand and enhance the use of digital healthcare across the sector by offering holistic monitoring for care home residents, hospital in-patients and social care users.

“An industry-leading digital health monitoring system needs robust, reliable, real-time sensing and after extensive testing, plus our usual Whzan evaluation, we have been very impressed with Vayyar’s 4D imaging radar technology. We have worked closely with their team to integrate Vayyar data into the Whzan platform, enabling carers to view both sets of data with a single login. We firmly believe Whzan and Vayyar working together will deliver an excellent addition to our widely used system, supporting thousands of vulnerable people,” said Whzan Chairman John Cooling. “We are looking forward to a long and fruitful collaboration, bringing a wide range of benefits to both care users and providers.”

Both Vayyar Care and Whzan work closely with numerous local authorities and NHS Trusts, and are now preparing to roll out the enhanced WhzApp to both new and existing customers.

About Vayyar Care

Vayyar Care’s touchless 4D imaging radar gathers the essential data caregivers need to protect residents, as well as their dignity, privacy, and independence. The solution delivers instant fall detection and 24/7 visibility on room presence, mobility, time at rest, bathroom visits and more. It overcomes the limitations and drawbacks of standard reactive technologies such as hard-to-reach buttons and cords, unreliable mats, underused wearables and intrusive cameras. Vayyar Care is fully interoperable with any nurse call system and care platform, enabling care providers to deliver person-centred, predictive care that enhances outcomes across the board.

For more information, contact Stuart Barclay, UK Sales Director:

About Whzan

Whzan has been building digital health monitoring systems since 2011 and was one of the first developers using cloud-based systems for health applications. Whzan is working across the NHS, supporting approximately 3,000 care homes and helping thousands of patients to stay out of hospital or receive an early discharge. Our technology is also enabling frail people to stay at home for longer and reduce the burden on local authorities and housing associations as they raise their levels of care. We have integrated our data with multiple NHS, council and private sector systems, such as Vayyar Care, to deliver affordable, flexible solutions.

For more information, please contact


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