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Louise Keane receives Lifetime Achievement Award

We were delighted by recent news that our friend and trusted partner Louise Keane has received the Karen Downs Lifetime Achievement Award from the NHS Innovation Collaborative for Digital Health. Louise is Nurse Education Lead at the NCL Training Hub and her work in developing knowledge, understanding and proficiency for a significant range of care workers cannot be understated. She has long been a champion and an advocate for digital solutions when it comes to care has overseen the implementation and use of Whzan technology for many years.

North Central London NHS (NCL) have been amongst the strongest advocates for our Blue Box since we started working with them in 2018. They have also placed themselves as one of our most progressive partners. They’re pioneers in Blue Box applications, with more than 120 care homes now using the technology, monitoring over 3,000 people. NCL were also the catalyst instigating the integration between Whzan and 111, as well as using the Blue Box within homeless shelters and supporting people with learning disabilities in their own homes.

Louise has been at the heart of our partnership with NCL and deserves a huge amount of credit for its success. The impact of this initiative was recognised at last year’s Health Service Journal (HSJ) Awards when we were jointly presented with the Health Tech Partnership of the Year award.

Partnerships like ours with NCL are so important, we love the fact they are sharing the impact of technology-enabled remote monitoring including our Blue Box in their work and lives. They’re the ones who make the progress we’re seeing in health and care possible and we’re incredibly proud to be a part of it.

We can think of few more deserving of this accolade than Louise and send our utmost congratulations. It’s thanks to people like Louise that progress is being made in using digital technology to enhance vulnerable care.

Congratulations Louise!


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