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Introducing Whzan Cares - Our new care home management system

Since our launch, Whzan technology has played a key role in supporting care homes in enhancing the services they provide. The ultimate aim has always been to help spot signs of early deterioration in vulnerable individuals and help them enjoy the very best quality of life possible. Until now, this has always taken the form of ‘front line’ technology – assisting carers and care professionals in carrying out assessments and facilitating decision-making in the health and care of residents.

However, in our time working with care homes and local authorities we’ve recognised other areas in which technology could further assist their operations. For so many, the prospect of ‘going digital’ represents a huge undertaking – one they often feel incapable of tackling, whether due to lack of funding, expertise or confidence in knowing where to begin. All the while, outdated systems and processes swallow up valuable time and resource – which could be put to much better use.

With this in mind, and after extensive consultation with care homes and professionals, we’ve developed a brand-new care home management system, the first version which will soon be ready for launch.

The system is specifically designed to provide care homes with an easy first step into digital systems – replacing archaic paper and spreadsheet-based processes. We like to think of it as a toolkit for those looking to increase efficiencies and free-up staff time that would be better spent making a real difference with residents.

The system centres around a web-based interface that provides managers with the tools they need for creating work schedules and assigning tasks. Staff profiles can be created, allocating specific skill levels – allowing for effective timetabling. Tasks can also be assigned through a traffic light system, creating a clear priority list.

Staff can then login through an app to see tasks either directly assigned to them or available in a pool. Resident profiles can also be created and added to, providing all staff with up-to-date information on each resident, ensuring they can provide the best possible care. As with all Whzan technology, the system will be highly interoperable with data fed directly from our Blue Box, WhzApp and other systems.

The Manager’s Dashboard and Carer’s App will be available at launch, with the next component, the Family Portal, following shortly after. The Family Portal will provide family and friends of residents with an interface where they can book visits, stay up-to-date with care plans and announcements and view and upload photos of the residents. This allows them to stay constantly updated and in touch with the resident.

Our driving ambition is to not only digitise all care home activities but do so in a way that is as straightforward as possible for the homes themselves to implement.

Best of all, if you are current Whzan user, the system will be offered to you for free.

With beta testing well-underway, we’re looking forward to provide further updates on the official launch in the near future. We’re so excited to get the system out there and support care homes in embracing digital processes and freeing up their people to make an even bigger difference to their residents’ lives.

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