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Care Home falls risk and prevention from Whzan

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

The NHS have committed to supporting care homes by contributing towards technology costs for the 25% of residents at the highest risk of a potentially devastating fall. With almost all residents potentially at risk, it can be difficult to determine the most vulnerable.

Our combined falls risk & prevention tools provide the solution to this – enabling care homes to quickly assess and identify those most susceptible and get support to those who need it most.

Falls detection has been part of Whzan technology for some time – specifically as part of our home-monitoring product, Guardian.

We also go a step further to allow for intervention before a fall has taken place. Part of our

Blue Box, the ‘Multifactorial Falls Risk Assessment’ is a comprehensive tool proven to reduce falls. Comprising of a series of questions and assessments, the application delivers a schedule of advice and guidance.

Where necessary, highly-effective sensors, provided by our partners at Vayyar and Allycares, can be installed in the resident’s room. These sensors constantly monitor their movement with data fed directly into the Whzan dashboard and app. This not only allows care professionals to intervene when needed but also provides peace of mind for the individual’s wider care network.

Effective falls prevention not only protects the most vulnerable from harm but also deliver significant savings in treatment and emergency callouts that could have otherwise been prevented.

Find out more about how this can work in your care home in the downloadable brochure here.


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